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creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector

creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector

creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sectorcreating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector




 Confident teachers are better able to support their  students, especially those who may be questioning their gender identity. 

As teachers, we need a good understanding  of nuances of gender identity and expression. We need to have a firm grasp of the terminology and vocabulary around gender-diversity. 

We need to be better equipped to recognise & address transgender discrimination, transphobic bullying and abuse, and trans hate crime.

"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world"

-Nelson Mandela



It is vital to discuss the needs of all the children and young people in school. We  all strive to create an inclusive environment in our schools & academies. 

QTIP can facilitate this discussion.  Our training explores the unique needs of trans pupils & teachers in the school community. 

We are partnering with gender-diverse families, with educators, and with service providers to help foster a healthy, caring, and safe gender-diverse environment in schools. 


Relationships / Relationships & Sex Education 2020

QTIP is registered with the Department For Education as an 'Early Adopter'. We invite schools in Northamptonshire and Berkshire to join with us in preparation for 2020, to create exemplary curriculum plans and resources.

Police & Community safety


Hate Crime

 Many people do not report hate crime. This is one of the few categories of criminal activity where the police are actively seeking to increase the crime recording rate in order to reduce the gap between the actual incidence of hate crime and those that are recorded and treated as such. 

Confidence in the police is low  for trans people in our communities. Too often, victims are attended by officers who are lacking in awareness about issues relating to trans people.  

he vast majority of those of us who are targeted by transphobic hate crime  find that the attending officer's lack of awareness and understanding exacerbate the problem in hand. It is vital that reporting barriers are addressed. 

When hate crimes occur, victims need to have the confidence to report them. And the assurance that perpetrators will be dealt with as with any other hate crime.

We can provide consultation and training for officers and civilian staff, alike. 

We provide support for victims of transphobic hate crime.

primary health care


Trans Health

Understanding the psychological and emotional trauma of gender dysphoria is beyond the experience of most practitioners. Thus, the quality of care for patients trans is variable. 

We can help to address some of these difficulties. We are working with GP practices to provide basic awareness training,  to more specialist training. We can create a comprehensive training programme to fit the demographic of your area.