What Can We Do?

Discrimination Thrives Where It Grows Unchecked .

We can make a huge difference just by listening to others. There are stories which come up over and again which we will only hear by  allowing others to tell us their experiences. Stories from previous generations are invaluable, and testimonies about what it is like to be  growing up trans or queer today will help us all to be more aware of the effects of discrimination and prejudice.

It can be hard to hear that despite working our socks off in our professional and community roles where expectations are at an all time high, there are people around us who feel  unsafe, undervalued, and invalid. That they are affected because of our actions (or inaction), our assumptions, or our lack of awareness. 

The press and television companies have had a huge part to play in the way transgender, queer or otherwise gender-variant people have been negatively portrayed. These portrayals have had devastating effects, not only for trans people, but their loved ones too.

Gender Diversity Awareness

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Socrates

Having listened, we can highlight all the areas where we lack knowledge and understanding. We can nourish a 'growth mindset'. There are many teachers who repeat, every term, relentlessly: "If you do not listen, how on earth do you expect to learn!". 

In our lifelong learning journey that trope never loses its relevance. We all have different perspectives and opinions, we might never totally understand each other, but we can  respect differences. Respect is the cornerstone of community.

There is no shame in not knowing,  nor in making mistakes. The only shame is in wilfully allowing our ignorance to perpetuate in the knowledge that it will  hurt others. 


A Brief Note On Perspectives

So, what does it mean to be trans? It means a great many things to as many people! The old Indian parable of 'The Blind Men and The Elephant' illustrates this perfectly. Each person will have a different response when asked to describe an elephant! All of them valid. But in order to know what the elephant is in its entirety you have to step back and see the bigger picture, explore other perspectives.

Likewise our gender journeys are unique to each of us

In a nutshell, just for now, trans means that you do not identify as you gender you were assigned as birth.

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