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creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector

creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector

creating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sectorcreating safe, inclusive, & gender-diverse environments in your sector

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But it isn't just about money! We desperately need resources. Can your company donate excess stock, for example? Can your company donate printing services,  stationery, materials, venues, event planning, photocopying, leisure experiences. Perhaps you can sponsor an individual, or an intern? The list is exhaustive!  

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We welcome volunteers. Whether you are 9 or 90 years old. We need your skills whether you are an artist; a rocket scientist; a cleaner; jobless; a teacher; or a barrister.  Whatever your age; gender  identity; gender history, or gender expression.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Whatever your disability; race; culture; religious beliefs; background or life experience - there's a role for you at QTIP! 

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Helping Your Company To Maintain Integrity + Stand Out From The Competition

When your company is involved in the community, it stands out from the crowd.  

Strengthening relationships with customers and their neighbourhoods will pay dividends in improving your brand's image. 

This Lancashire Business Review' article says it well:  

'Social responsibility means that individuals and companies have a duty to act in the best interests of their environments and society as a whole. In the past few years, business has translated this idea into the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and have developed sustainability strategies where social responsibility is an integral part of their business model.

81% of Millennials say that their favourite companies have identified their values, according to Forbes. Using your companies values and principles as beacons can increase brand awareness, trust and an overall advantage to companies that do not put efforts into CSR. Cone Communications published a study about corporate social responsibility. The report states, ‘Companies must now share not only what they stand for, but what they stand up for.’ 

CSR is mutually beneficial for everyone concerned. Undoubtedly it makes business sense: it raises productivity, encourages commitment from your workforce, attracts clients, and it raises profits. PLUS it benefits the the neighbourhoods in which you operate your business.

Akhilesh Ganti's article on Investopedia  gives an example:

 'Big-box retailer Target Corp., also well known for its social responsibility programs, has donated money to communities in which the stores operate, including education grants'.

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Is Your Company Meeting its Diversity and Inclusion goals?

While most companies have caught on that diversity and inclusion (D&I) is more than just a “feel good” talking point, most still have a long way to go when it comes to achieving their goals.

Cecily Joseph, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec, thinks employees will start to put the pressure on. She said: 

“I think a broad range of stakeholders are a little fed up that change around diversity and equity is not happening at a faster pace. This issue is not going away in 2019. 

We will see employees getting more vocal and demanding their employers take action on diversity related issues. We have already seen this with some companies in 2018 like Google, but I feel more employees will feel empowered and expect more from their employers in this regard. Investors will continue to see diversity as an indicator of a company’s long term success and its ability to attract the best talent and be more innovative and competitive, and will use their influence to push harder for gender and racial/ethnic diversity.”

Susan McPherson: 'Corporate Responsibility: What To Expect In 2019'.  Forbes 


The Millennials Are Coming: Keep Calm + Stay Relevant!

'What Makes A CSR Message Resonate With Millennials And Generation-Z? ' is very good question and one which we ignore at our own peril! 

In his  online article published by Forbes , of the same title   (click the button below),  the truly accomplished Professor Charles Taylor presents some interesting evidence. 

With the gold star combination of his epic academic and business acumen, Professor Taylor captures the business-ethical zeitgeist of  'Generation Z': the Millenials! It is essential knowledge for  engaging the upcoming generation of consumers and employees.

Your Customers:


'Academic research suggests that authenticity, fit between the company and the cause, and the company’s commitment level play a role. Millennials do care about what the brand they buy stand for... they try to buy from companies who are socially responsible and whose values line up with their own.'

Charles Taylor Professor of Marketing at the Villanova School of Business and Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Marketing and Consumer Insights tells us: 

Your Workforce:

According to Cone Communications research published in 2016 - referred to by Professor Charles Taylor  - 'Half of employees wont work for companies that don't have strong  corporate responsibility commitments. ...Giving and volunteerism remain a priority, but employees want more. ...

"Today’s employees are eager to make a positive impact at work and they want to be actively engaged in CR initiatives,” says Lisa Manley, executive vice president, CR Strategy, Cone Communications. “Companies can improve employee engagement and enhance business performance if they give all employees an opportunity to engage in CR through education, activities and open calls for ideas and innovations.” 

But lets not forget those of us of the mid to late Generation X who went before to lay the foundations for social responsibility! 

“Young Gen Xers share the enthusiasm of their younger cohorts and are ready to invest their time, money and personal passions to support important issues at the office and in their communities.”  '

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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What Else Can we Do?


DISCRIMINATION thrives there it grows unchecked. 

It can be hard to hear that despite intentions, there are people in our communities who feel unsafe, undervalued, and invalid. Those who are affected by our actions, our indifference,  our assumptions, or our lack of awareness. 

The press and television companies can be a very useful and effective resource. Sadly the media is in the business of selling subscriptions the consequences of which may lead to dwindling scruples, responsibility, and accountability. have had a huge part to play in the way trans people have been negatively portrayed. These portrayals have had devastating effects, not only for trans people, but their loved ones too.


  • question the source of your information;
  • are they qualified/ experienced enough to judge;
  • what is their argument;
  • can they back up their argument with facts?
  • where can you find their evidence?


  • where is this article published?
  • what does the group or individual want you to believe?
  • How does the article they want you to feel?; 
  • take opinions to logical conclusion before you form your own 


  • everyone is entitled to theirs; 
  • don't blur the lines between freedom of speech, bigotry, and hate speech.
  • be mindful of where opinions are expressed and how your comments might affect others around you.
  • be respectful.




  • non-conforming gender identity

  • non-conforming gender expression


  •   'Extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group' (OED)


Many of us will know what it is like to be bullied, or intimidated. 

We all need to challenge our own prejudices and biases


So many acts of discrimination and prejudice which were socially accepted as 'tradition' at some point.  Acts of violence have been condoned: forced marriage, slavery, wife-beating. 

Testimonies of previous generations are invaluable

Respect is the cornerstone of community.

There is no shame in not knowing,  nor in making honest mistakes. The only shame is allowing our ignorance  hurt others. We must not use our ignorance as an excuse.


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