Education and Gender Diversity

In their recent 'School Report 2017' the LGBT charity Stonewall has confirmed alarming statistics

for trans pupils in particular:

  • Approximately 66% of trans pupils  are bullied in school because of their gender identity;
  • 10% have received death threats;
  • More than 40% have attempted suicide..

We know teachers care, but many are simply not equipped to deal effectively with what can be a conflicting, complex and highly sensitive issue that demands urgent attention.

 'As we look ahead, we must keep sight of our shared mission: to create a world where every young person can grow up happy, healthy and supported to reach their full potential. While much has changed over the past decade, it is clear we cannot be complacent in the fight for equality. So let’s reflect on what’s been achieved, establish what needs to be done, and work together to create a world where every young person can be themselves.'  Ruth Hunt, Stonewall. 2017 

Information Downloads

Stonewall Education For All Conference 2016:' Celebrating Difference in Early Years & Primary Schools' (pdf)


OUTBURST LGBT-PRIDE-2017-All-Pages (pdf)


TransGenderGuidanceWrexhamSchoolsFinal (pdf)


Transgender_Guidance_booklet_2015 Cornwall (pdf)


Video Resources For Schools

Jake Graf's short film Listen was released in November. It is a brief but punchy comment from the perspective of young people. Its title is self explanatory. It is essential viewing for anyone who works with children and young people.


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