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About Us


We are  very proud to be a community interest company (CIC). 

Amongst other things, being a CIC means that (unlike other kinds of charitable organisations), ALL of our profits must provide demonstrable benefits to the community. 

We provide training & consultation services for public, private, & voluntary sector organisations.  We provide support services to trans individuals and their families.  

Our mission is to create safe and gender-diverse environments in work, education, leisure and in public spaces.

Our ethical code is the bedrock of our company. We strive to maintain authenticity, integrity,  & sustainability in the way we do business.



Léne Ballantyne [her/ they]




My name is pronounced Lay-ner. I’m QTIP's founder and CEO.

My pronouns are she / they

Which children's book character are you?

Winnie The Pooh or Tigger. Both.


Why This Job?

I strongly believe that we all have a duty to confront discrimination and prejudice. With growing climate transphobia and discrimination in the media + in public spaces I was increasingly scared & furious in equal measure! I wanted to do something about it. So, I became a proactivist; the end result is QTIP.  I believe we can all be proactive in some way. 


Is your background relevant?

I believe it is. Here is 30+ years in a nutshell: Much of my work experience has been in local government. Briefly: a social worker, a mentor, a teacher, an education manager -  seasoned with work in a pub, arts café, book shop, a community centre, and my arts studio. 

Personal Social Responsibility

I strongly believe in personal social responsibility. I am an intersectional feminist. I believe in the #nobystanders rule. I have campaigned and alongside, and  worked as a volunteer at the Racial Equality Council where & sat on their Education Committee.

I currently work as part of a team of volunteers, for NREC (Northamptonshire Rights & Equality Council). We are a diverse and  dynamic group, offering support individuals who are victims of discrimination or prejudice.


And when you're not working?

My dog is my best buddy. He's whippet x lurcher who came home with me 18 months ago from a rescue centre. I have an allotment. I am an avid reader, and love all things creative, I'm a member of Cinnamon Arts, a local collective for black artists. 

I have a wonderful family, 3 amazing grown up girls, the eldest of which is our foster daughter. 

Isaac [he/ him]



I’m Isaac, and I volunteer for QTIP CIC.

My pronouns are he/him

Which children's book character are you?

The Hungry Caterpillar, obviously.

Why This Job?

I personally believe one of the most important ways in which we can try to tackle prejudice is by dispelling misinformation and providing education wherever possible. A lot of prejudice is based on false assumptions and ideas, as well as a general lack of knowledge, so providing easier access to this knowledge is essential.

Is your background relevant?

I’m a public speaker who frequently delivers talks and workshops in schools on what it’s like to grow up LGBT+ — I do this as a part of the charity Just Like Us. I also volunteer for other London-based LGBT+ charities.

Personal Social Responsibility

I’m a trans man from an Arab background, so I aim use this particular perspective to educate and inform others about my own experiences, and the challenges specific to POC in the LGBT+ community.

I’m also an intersectional feminist, and I believe in using whatever position of privilege you may have to support and defend others who do not have the same power to do so.

And when you're not working?

I make music, do local radio, and play a lot of video games. I’m also studying French at university.

Cutie Pie [they / them]



I'm Cutie Pie. I am a Fury Friend at QTIP. 

My pronouns are they / them.

Which Children's book character are you?

Dobby from Harry Potter

Why This Job?

I love to meet people, especially when I visit schools. I love going to to new places. I am very good at listening because I have long ears, and I like to help people when they feel sad. But I also like doing fun thing!

And when you're not working?

When I'm not working I like to listen to music, and I love to  sleep.



Come back soon for my bio. 



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Come back soon for more info

queer + trans inclusion partnership



QUEER - genderqueer

TRANS - a self-identity gender label, or a description of one's gender history.

INCLUSION -  If any service, facility, or area of life does not include trans people, it is not yet inclusive.

PARTNERSHIP - we love to work collaboratively with trans-led & trans-positive organisations that share our ethos.



The QT FORUM is the place to tell it like it is. There are  several ways you can interact with us:

Where can we interact?

  • Invite us to visit your group
  • Bring your group to us
  • Contact us as an individual

No time for face-to-face?

  • We can meet in person or on Skype
  • Contribute via our online survey

Trans Forum Membership

Why is QTIP necessary?



Transgender rights: MPs demand end to institutional transphobia

They are the last group of people in our society who endure overt and unchallenged prejudice'


“Transgender people are today suffering the kind of discrimination that was faced by gays and lesbians decades ago,” Maria Miller, the committee’s chair, told The Independent. 

“They are the last group of people in our society who endure overt and unchallenged prejudice and we need urgent root-and-branch reform of our public services to tackle it.”

This article, by political editor Oliver Wright, was published on 14 January 2016 in the Independent. It illustrates the cornerstone of why QTIP exists, and why we are so driven.

We are still waiting for things to change in the lives of individuals.

There's a heap of things we could discuss here. Suffice to say:

  1. Non-conforming gender identity is not new. It is not a fad or a trend. These assertions and not just incorrect, they are dangerous;
  2. Transgender identities are perfectly normal, albeit much less common than cisgender identities;
  3. Trans people's rights are protected by law. Unfortunately evidence shows those laws are either poorly understood, or wilfully ignored;

There are up to date reports and statistics available to download. Check out our resources tab at the top of the page.

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Privacy Policy


We collect information about you when you provide it to us: for example, when you fill out our online forms, respond to our promotions, call or text us, register our products and services or participate in our QT Forum (which could be on any medium). 

We won't share you personal information with anyone, unless you give us permission to do so, i.e. signposting you to other organisations, or as an advocate, or if we have safeguarding* concerns about your safety being compromised, we will share only the relevant information.

*SAFEGUARDING: If we know, or suspect that you are at risk of significant harm/ causing significant harm to another, or planning any such thing, we have a duty to share that information with relevant agencies.

READ THE WHOLE DOCUMENT  at the foot of the page.